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Go from selling to your sister to owning a brand that produces
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As a mama and serial entrepreneur, I’ve spent my adult life doing a balancing act. When I first started my own business 6 years ago, I came into it with nearly a decade of operations experience working for a large franchise. I quickly learned that being an entrepreneur is a whole different ball game and, though my experience provided a great foundation, I had a lot to learn.
Over the next several years, I made a lot of mistakes, had a load of successes and learned new lessons every single day. I scaled my first business to five figure months, built training modules for other entrepreneurs and served customers with a needs based approach. After the birth of my second child, I decided to close my first business and focus on being a mama (while running the coffee company my husband and I own together).
Fast forward a year and that brings us to the official start of my coaching business! I’ve combined my passion for training & empowering others with my extensive business knowledge to create programs and services that will allow you to take that next step in your business. 
Are you ready to stop selling to your sister & start making that money?
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