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5 Creative Ways to Keep the Kids Busy While You Work

Ahh, motherhood. Full of blessings, sweet moments and busy, busy bodies. As a mompreneur, managing the chaos can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Striking the right balance between work and home means finding healthy ways to keep those kiddos busy while you check off your to-do list.

Here are my top 5 tips for keeping your kids busy while you squeeze in some work:

  1. Sensory Table

  2. Busy Bags

  3. Scavenger Hunt

  4. Reading Challenge

  5. Outdoor Adventure

Keeping the kids' hands (and brains!) busy while you’re working doesn’t have to be stressful, babe. Try taking a new approach with some of these fun and creative activities!

Themed Sensory Tables

One of my favorite ways to occupy my children’s attention is through themed sensory tables. This sensory table offered at Ikea is a simple, affordable way to offer ever-changing, stimulating activities for your children.

Inside the table bins, place water beads, sand, play doh, animal figurines, rice, pipe cleaners…the possibilities are endless! I recommend choosing a weekly or monthly theme and changing out the contents for the ultimate attention-getter.

Put Together Busy Bags

Busy bags are an awesome way to provide entertainment on the go. Need to run some errands for your business? Bring along a busy bag for each child and you’re fully covered.

To make a busy bag, I suggest using one paper lunch sack for each child and filling it with activities chosen especially for them.

Busy bags can include:

The great thing about busy bags is that they can be whatever you make them. Let the kids color the outside of their bag, and change up the contents regularly to keep things interesting. Reserving them specifically for times when you need to work also keeps them exciting for the kids.

Challenge Them With a Scavenger Hunt

Need a few quick minutes? Get creative, babe! Jot down a list of 10-15 items and send your kids on an impromptu scavenger hunt!

Create your list based off of items in a specific area. For example, if you want the kids to stay out of the office for a bit, don’t put a paperclip on the list. Choosing a theme like a nature hunt can be really fun. Send them into the backyard for yellow leaves, purple flowers, or a four leaf clover.

Start a Reading Challenge

One of my favorite go-to activities for a calm, quiet atmosphere is starting a reading challenge. Each child picks out a book or two and finds a quiet space in the house to focus on that book.

This works well with a multitude of ages because they get to choose whatever book they want. Young ones might choose a picture book and just focus on the illustrations, while older children can select a book appropriate to their individual reading level.

Set a timer and let them know that whoever spends the longest amount of time focusing quietly is the winner! Come up with a cute prize like a dollar store trophy to pass around to the current reading challenge champion.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure

If your work is something you can take with you, pack it up and head to the park or the beach! Find an area where you can safely contain and monitor your children, and let them play while you tend to some business. There is no rule that says all work must be done at home or at the office. Don’t be afraid to mix things up, babe!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to find fun, new ways to get your kids engaged while you squeeze in a little work. I know I tend to default to the iPad when I'm desperate to get things done,