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An intimate retreat for female business owners who are ready to increase their holiday sales with an easy to execute plan.
september 23-26, 2024 small business retreat san antonio

➡️ ➡️ In the run up to the holiday season, how many times have you heard yourself say...

'Uggh. I really just need a few days to work ON my business instead of in it?'
“I wish I knew what to post that actually attracts the right customers and clients so I don't have to be on 📱 social media all day everyday”
“I’m so busy with life & customers that I have no time to really plan how my 🎄 holiday season is going to go."

“I know I could be more successful if I just made time to actually plan ahead."
“Life is just too busy 🗓️ right now..."

And yet the show must go on... I get it, I am a mom and multi-passionate biz owner too.

This is why I created The 🛷 SLEIGH YOUR SALES RETREAT 🛷

Empower Yourself. Elevate Your Holiday Season. Embrace Planning Ahead.

Create a relaxed holiday season with several days dedicated to developing a DONE WITH YOU marketing strategy.


Enjoy a cozy getaway tailored to female business owners eager to boost their holiday sales with a straightforward and actionable plan.


This retreat is for those who:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the thought of the holiday marketing season

  • Struggle to follow through with holiday marketing plans

  • Thrive in an intimate community of support & encouragement

  • Feel excited to get all holiday marketing activities DONE alongside experts in the field

  • Are ready to FINALLY enjoy high sales & fun family time during the holidays

You'll walk away with:

  • A 3-month plan and strategy for holiday sales

  • A done with you email sequence ready to send out for Black Friday and the entire holiday season

  • A complete social media plan, including new holiday photos, graphics and reels

  • A customized holiday business plan created during your 1:1 session with Jessica


If I were to describe you, I'd say you're super driven by ambitious visions, but find yourself constantly wrestling with the choice between getting caught up on post-bedtime laundry and actually moving your business forward.


Sound about right?


You prioritize your clients & customers, sometimes even ahead of your family, leaving little room to strategize and execute the pivotal steps necessary to elevate your business. Each day feels like a relentless sprint, only to end with crucial tasks left undone.


If this sounds like your reality, consider this: what if you devoted just 3 days to join me at this business changing retreat? Picture yourself emerging with a meticulously crafted marketing strategy poised to propel your business through the holiday season and beyond.


Could it mean increased revenue?

More precious time for yourself and your loved ones?

A meticulously organized marketing plan?

And above all, a sense of confidence that your business will do what you need it to?


You didn't embark on this small business journey to constantly grapple with a scarcity of time or resources. Yet, it often feels like gaining one comes at the expense of the other. Are you prepared to break free from this cycle and embrace an abundant holiday season that still allows for visits to Zoo Lights?


Let's make that a reality together.

The Itinerary


Day 1: Arrival & Welcome Dinner

Arrive to a beautiful home in Texas Hill Country, settle into your room and enjoy a beautiful catered meal alongside new small business friends. We'll get to know each other, do some dreaming together and talk about our goals for the retreat.


Day 4: Farewell Breakfast & Departure

Wrap up a productive and fun retreat with a celebratory breakfast. Depart with new friends and a holiday strategy that's ready to be executed.

Christmas Vibes

Day 2: Solidify Your Plan

We'll spend this day reviewing your pre-work and creating a holiday promotional plan. You'll also get email marketing education and guidance on writing your entire holiday email sequence.

Beauty Vlogger

Day 3: Media Creation

Today is all about media & marketing! We will dive into strategies that you can choose from, provide social media education from an expert and create ALL of your content for the entire holiday season.

sleigh your sales retreat, texas

Sounds great, but what's it gonna cost?


Early Bird Price: $1997



  • 3 nights in a gorgeous home outside of San Antonio

  • Twin shared room with upgrade available

  • 8 beautifully catered meals

  • Workshops & hands on activities focused on planning your entire holiday marketing strategy

  • upgraded Luxe swag bag

  • Other FUN holiday surprises


 6 MONTHS: $333/MO


  • 3 nights in a gorgeous home outside of San Antonio

  • Twin shared room with upgrade available

  • 8 beautifully catered meals

  • Workshops & hands on activities focused on planning your entire holiday marketing strategy

  • Luxe swag bag

  • Other FUN holiday surprises


Zehn Z., Zehnz Dezignz

"I feel so inspired and seen and valued as a small business owner. I have a renewed passion for my business and the future growth."

Erin H., 5 to 9 Socials

"I left the weekend with a solid action plan for my business and the minute I got home, I got working! Now, a week later, I have two new clients and set to make my monetary goal for the year!"

Brittany H., Photographer

"IT WAS WORTH IT!! I still can’t believe the amount of information I got out of the retreat. I walked away super motivated to completely transform my business."

the Sleigh Your Sales Retreat

It's time for you to confidently plan your holiday season in the Texas Hill Country
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